Bluetooth Speaker

The Next Generation of Sound Starts Now

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Bluetooth Speaker

The Next Generation of Sound Starts Now

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With new technology built-in, we are opening a new age for professional sound in Bluetooth Speakers.

BUGANI M83 Bluetooth Speaker

  • [Professional sound] – Clear and work great of indoor and outdoor.

  • [Protable Design] – With a greate designed handle and two woofer and tweeters for 40W sound.

  • [Ourdoor bluetooth speakers] – 8000mAh rechargeable battery up to 2400 minutes Playtime.

  • [Speakers bluetooth wireless] – With TWS feature, easy to create left and right channels for powerful 80W stereo surround sound.


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Our Customers Say

“My girlfriend likes this stereo speaker very much. As soon as I received the package, I couldn’t wait to open the box for the audition. The sound quality is loud and clear with a thrilling bass. The playback control button on the left side of the speaker provides great convenience. The volume is loud enough to be used indoors or outdoors. And the design is cool, the texture feeling very comfortable, which will not be easily damaged. Waterproof hasn’t been tried yet, but it’s better not to throw it in the sea… LOL”

Chuck W.

“Looks like its built with quality materials. It’s a little heavy which is good because if you have it on full blast the bass alone makes this speaker shake on a table. Lasted me a full 12 hours at work with volume at max while also charging my phone which was at 5% to full. Have yet to fully test the water resistance but I know that it resists getting indirectly wet in the shower. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who cant go a minute without listening to their music like me.”

Francis Chau

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We supply premium qualified Bluetooth Speakers-Pro with affordable prices.

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